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Many consumers have accepted a lower standard of “clean” when it comes to their tiled floors because they know of no other method or technology that will clean completely.  If your traditional mop and bucket is no longer effective, do not resort to using harsh acid cleaners which can damage the structural integrity of tile and grout. Using traditional methods of cleaning only liquify and dispurse dirt grease and grime on the tile and into the grout, this process fails to extract those contaminates from the grout. Cleaning chemicals can dilute grease and grime and can create a residue that will deposit deep into the grout. Tile Tech has the State of the Art Hard Surface cleaning equipment that makes that higher standard of clean possible. In short, we are the new approach to an old problem.


  • Caulk/Grout Repair and Restoration
    Cleaning and restoring your tile spaces so that it looks as though it was just installed.
  • Natural Stone Repair, Cleaning and Restoration
    Tile Tech will clean, fill holes and polish your natural stone to it’s original brilliance. Some of the Natural Stones we service are Travertine, Marble and Granite.
  • Glass Cleaning and Shower Restoration
    Is cleaning your shower by hand just not cutting it? Our glass cleaning and shower restoration process not only will remove hard water stains, but it will remove built-up mold, mildew, soap scum, bacteria and even smells. If you find your shower is in need of more than just a deep clean, we provide shower repair including color-matched calking and resealing grout and tile.
  • Concrete Surface Cleaning, Care and Restoration
    Does your house look dingy due to your discolored concrete? We can fix that. From sidewalks and driveways to garage floors and patios, we can remove all contaminates and unsightly marks with our state of the art tools and products.
  • Carpet Commercial Restaurant and Building Maintenance
    Not all surfaces, carpet and foot traffic are the same. We use a variety of techniques for different kinds of carpet and surfaces which helps maintain your business’s polished luster.
  • Granite and Stone Sealing and Polish
    Is your stone protected from spills, stains, dirt, mildew, mold or grime? Not only will Tile Tech clean and restore your stone, Tile Tech will utilize it’s unique combination of expertise and state of the art tools and products to help protect it from everyday wear and tear.

Clean, Seal, Polish & Restore! Tile Tech will fully educate you on maintenance protocals so that money stays in your pocket and out of mine. Tile Tech provides free consultation to all of our clients so as to extend the life of our service.

~ Joe Dorack

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